MZG Rankaku gradient - #8 Gold nib SOLD OUT

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A truly amazing pen, starting from an Momento zero Grande model without metal parts, gold nib #8 assembled on japanese ebonite black feed. The pen is produced entirely with the manual lathe using Japanese ebonite.

One of the specific Urushi techniques is Rankaku-nuri, 卵殻塗 or Just Rankaku.
A mosaic technique, the white parts are commonly called eggshell for their white color, the mosaic is composed manually and is assembled together with the black lacquer (about 20 levels).

Then the surface is sanded back smooth and polished to reveal the unique modern mosaic. This process takes a long time but at the same time the result is amazing, the depth of the decoration and the brilliance of the details make this a masterpiece.

The finish product is stunning, the decoration was done and signed by French Artist Morgan Wisser.

Available only on the official Leonardo website.
Gold Nibs la "Fenice" available in size #8, specify by email ( the size of the nib you prefer: EF, F, M, B, Stub1.1

• Integrated piston filler huge capacity, 1,5ml produced in our workshop
• Possibility of disassembling the piston mechanism with our wrench (sold separately)
• Feed in black Japanese ebonite (produced in our workshops)
• Elegant wood box

This pen will be your daily travel companion, designed and produced in Italy using only Italian materials. A functional container of emotions that writes and tells a story emphasized by the colors of our time. Leonardo officina Italiana® is the brand created by Mariafrancesca and Salvatore Matrone and celebrates the style and personality of those who use their writing instrument.

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