Pithecusa, the Island of beauty


Island of Ischia, the island of beauty

Today, this fountain pen contains pure magic; our magic liquid is the ink that can tell ancient and modern stories. Recalling the splendors of the period between 900 and 700 B.C., a time when Hellenic culture left an important imprint on Italian territory as well, just as it did on the present-day Island of Ischia whose ancient name, Pithecusa, precisely was chosen to celebrate a historical era that is still able to evoke beauty and emotions.

Pithecusa, Momento Magico, features elegant lines, with a clip and washer in perfect vintage style, and in this case the addition of the central metal band engraved with a three-dimensional pantograph gives life to a novel model.
The central band features a stylized Wave pattern, the curves reminiscent of the continuous motion of the sea and the dunes of the sandy beaches of the island of beauty.

The transparent window on the pen body indicates the ink level. The integrated piston filling system has an ink capacity of 1.5 ml and is entirely manufactured in Leonardo workshops.

The nibs:
Gold nib assembled with ebonite black feed 
Steel nib assembled with ABS feed

Metal parts available in Rose gold, Gold and Silver trim.

Steel nibs EF, F, M, B, Stub1.5, elastic EF, elastic F (ABS feed)