Ogiva original Arco bronze celluloid - #6 gold nib

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Leonardo Ogiva original, authentic Arco bronze.
A very rare collection (old stock) celluloid.
The fountain pen is equipped with the Leonardo la Fenice #6 gold nib (6 mm).

Integrated piston mechanism designed and produced in the Leonardo workshops, possibility of disassembly with our wrench, the pens belong to an old OMAS stock (the original from Bologna) and have been modified inside the barrel to be assembled with our Piston Leonardo 1.5ml capacity.

La Fenice #6 nib is assembled on our black Japanese ebonite feeder.
6mm gold nibs available in EF, F, M, B, Stub1.1, Elastic EF, Elstic F.
After purchase, communicate the size of the nib to sales@leonardopen.com

Fountain pen measurements:
cap diameter: 14,7mm
grip diameter: 10,9mm
pen length: 152mm
length body: 135mm (including nib)
weight: 22,8g (without ink)