MZG2.0 The Art of Guilloché IRIS – gold nib


MZG2.0 The art of Guilloché, IRIS Blue
Regular edition
Leonardo Officina Italiana is pleased to introduce the new collection... inspired by the harmony between the forms of nature and design.

A special resin obtained thanks to careful research on pigments and polymers to accommodate the engravings using artisanal Guillochè in a detailed and soft way.

Guilloche Ondona (iris blue) recalls the harmonious and continuous movement of the sea waves cradled by the wind in a play of shades that enhance the brightness of deep blue. 

Guilloche Spigato (indigo) leads us into the golden ear fields with its harmonious shapes and its warm and enchanting colors that recall the warmth of spring afternoons. 

Guilloche Torchon (vergridris) a reference to the Fibonacci golden spiral, the basis of the harmonious forms of nature. Like the shape of some shells, the shape of galaxies and the arrangement of the leaves of some plants, Guilloche Torchon with its spiral in an elegant verdigris color reflects the perfection of nature. 

Nature offers ideas, it’s up to us to learn to read them and to transform them into works of beauty. Leonardo Officina Italiana does this with its refined daily writing instruments.

Momento zero grande 2.0, integrated piston with 1.5ml capacity, designed and produced in our Italian workshops. Possibility of disassembly with our 316L steel wrench.

Iris blue available with silver or rose gold trim 

Indigo available with ruthenium or rose gold trim  

Verdigris available with silver or rose gold trim 

- - - -

• Screw steel nibs, ABS feed
• Friction gold nibs, Japanese ebonite feed (produced in our workshops)

- - -

Transparent colorless window that indicates the level of ink available inside the reservoir.

The nib:
Steel nib “la Fenice” EF, F, M, B, Stub 1.5
Elastic steel nib Extra fine or Fine

Gold nib “la Fenice” EF, F, M, B, Stub 1.1
Elastic gold nib Extra fine or Fine

Packaging: Made in Italy, internally covered in gray alcantara, only the version with gold nib include an ink bottle in the box.

Shipping by july 15

Closed pen length: 151 mm
Cap length: 65 mm
Barrel length: 134 mm (with nib)
Weight without ink: 29,7 g
Cap diameter: 16,8 mm
Grip diameter: 12,3 mm