MZG Spaghetti mango GT - Ti22 #8 Titanium nib

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A special limited edition fountain pen handmade by manual lathe.
Italian Spaghetti mango resin, special series produced, clip "ruzzolina", gold trim, 3 rings on the cap, piston filler mechanism produced in our workshop. Titanium #8 nib Ti22 assembled on ebonite blue feed.

Momento zero grande shape, special mango resin, available only on the official Leonardo website.

• Titanium Nibs available in F, M, B, CSI M and CSI B size #8
(after the purchase, write to to let us know the choice of nib)
• Piston filler huge capacity 1.5ml
• Possibility of disassembling the piston mechanism with our wrench
• Feed in Japanese blue ebonite (produced in our workshops)
• Ink bottle included

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