MZG Smeraldo GT - Ti22 #8 Titanium nib

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The deep blue, evoking the submerged treasures of the abyss, merges with the opulence of golden finishes, creating a play of contrasts as bold as it is harmonious.

Momento Zero Grande Smeraldo is a writing jewel patiently modeled on the lathe, a hymn to the purity and intensity of color. The "ruzzolina" clip and gold finishes blend with three rings on the cap, evoking the prestige of ancient royal crowns.

The generous shape of the Momento Zero Grande is a stage for the Smeraldo resin, exclusively available on the official website of Leonardo Officina Italiana. Its #8 Ti22 titanium nib, assembled on a black Japanese ebonite feeder, promises fluid and precise writing.

Every Momento Zero Grande Smeraldo is a song of the sea, an invitation to write one's own legends with ink that flows like waves, contained in a high-capacity piston filling system. For connoisseurs of refined aesthetics, this fountain pen is not just an object but a journey into the art of writing, a treasure waiting to be discovered and admired.

• Titanium Nibs available in F, M, B, CSI M and CSI B size #8
(after the purchase, write to to let us know the choice of nib)
• Piston filler huge capacity 1.5ml
• Possibility of disassembling the piston mechanism with our wrench
• Feed in Japanese black ebonite (produced in our workshops)
• Ink bottle included

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