MZG Ice resin - Ti22 #8 Titanium nib

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From the experience of Leonardo's laboratories, the MZG Ice resin fountain pen is born, embodying the poetry of a winter landscape under a golden light. Its soul is revealed in the hand-molded Ice white resin, refracting light with the purity of snow illuminated by the sun, while pure gold finishes and the "ruzzolina" clip infuse it with timeless nobility, magnified by three slender rings ornamenting the cap.

The #8 titanium nib imposes itself as a monolith of rare craftsmanship, a symbol of precision and balance, writing with the majesty of a snowflake gently landing on the ground.

The MZG Ice resin shines like a precious gem among the most exclusive collections, a praise to the majestic calm of winters enriched with golden touches, created for those who desire the essence of elegance and refinement.

Momento zero grande shape, special white ICE resin, available only on the official Leonardo website.

• Titanium Nibs available in F, M and CSI M size #8
(after the purchase, write to to let us know the choice of nib)
• Piston filler huge capacity 1.5ml
• Possibility of disassembling the piston mechanism with our wrench
• Feed in Japanese black ebonite (produced in our workshops)
• Ink bottle included

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