MZG Blue Royal and Lucens original - #8 la Fenice gold nib SOLD OUT

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A special limited edition fountain pen handmade by manual lathe.
Blue Royal and blue lucens, a unique celluloid in the world, old stock OMAS.
Clip "ruzzolina", gold trim, 3 rings on the cap, piston filler mechanism produced in our workshop. Gold nib #8 la Fenice assembled on ebonite blue feed.

The cap, section and back part of barrel are made in Blue royal. The central part of barrel is made in blue Lucens. The original celluloid is the result of an exhausting search for materials to always guarantee a unique product in the world, a unique product to keep and collect.

Available only on the official Leonardo website.

• Gold Nibs available in EF, F, M, B, Stub1.1 size #8
(after the purchase, write to to let us know the choice of nib)
• Piston filler huge capacity 1.5ml
• Possibility of disassembling the piston mechanism with our wrench
• Feed in Japanese blue ebonite (produced in our workshops)
• Ink bottle included

Ready to be shipped