Momento zero Pura vida (steel nib)


Pura Vida is the new iconic pen of the collection “Momento Zero”. A kaleidoscope of colors inspired by Costa Rica, the green of its rain forests, the blue of Caribbean sea, the brown of its volcanos and roasted coffe beans.

The meaning of Pura Vida is “pure life,” and it’s come to symbolize the simple, cheerful outlook and lifestyle of Costa Rica. It’s a term to say “hello”, “goodbye”, to let people to know everything’s good.

More than just “pure life” in its literal translation, Pura Vida is a lifestyle, a feeling, a perspective, encapsulating how people cherish life's simplest pleasures and find joy in the little thing. Like the philosophy of Pura Vida you will find the pleasure in little things by writing your story and enjoying the pen gliding across paper.

- - - 

Fountain pen: Filling system converter/cartrige
Roller ball: S-5888

The nib:
Steel nibs "la fenice" EF, F, M, B, Stub1.5
Elastic steel nib Extra fine o Fine

Gold nib "la Fenice" EF, F, M, B, Stub1.1 
Elastic Gold nib Elastic EF and Elastic F

Closed pen lenght: 142mm
Cap lenght: 65mm
Barrel lenght: 127mm (nib included)
Weight inkless: 27g
Cap diameter: 15,5mm
Grip diameter: 10,6mm