Momento zero Giada (GOLD nib)

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Verde Giada is the new color that dresses our icon "Momento zero" in a regular version. A fresh and contemporary color but at the same time perfect with our vintage style design.

Why were we inspired by the mineral stone "Jade"?
Inspired by the green Jade we were inspired by the universe of minerals, this is a stone particularly appreciated in the spiritual and mental field. It is used as a protective amulet for many reasons. First of all it is a symbol of long life, used to attract good luck and ward off negative things.

Cartridge / converter filling system (the fountain pen is equipped with a screw converter)

Gold nibs: EF, F, M, B, Stub1.1

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Numbered on the cap the Momento zero uses only high quality acrylic resins. Filling system cartridge or converter (supplied). 

Lenght: 142mm
Cap lenght: 65mm
Body lenght: 127mm (nib included)
Weight: 27g
Diameter cap: 15,5mm
Diameter grip section: 10,6mm

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