Gran riserva Ogiva grande Wild celluloid - #8 gold nib

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Leonardo Gran riserva Ogiva grande celluloid collection, authentic Wild.
A very rare collection in celluloid and black resin created on an “Ogiva grande”.
The fountain pen is equipped with the new Leonardo la Fenice #8 gold nib (8 mm).

Very Limited edition, celluloid available:
Arco verde
Arco bronze

Integrated piston mechanism designed and produced in the Leonardo workshops, possibility of disassembly with our wrench.

La Fenice #8 nib is assembled on our black Japanese ebonite feeder.
8mm gold nibs available in EF, F, M, B, Stub1.1 grades

Fountain pen measurements:
cap diameter: 16.8mm
grip diameter: 11.4mm
pen length: 154mm
length body: 140mm (including nib)
weight: 32.7g (without ink)