Furore White salt (STEEL nib)

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Part of what makes Furore postcard perfect is the whitewashed houses, the sharp white cliffs and the smell of the salt that seasons the freshest fish and the fragrant lemons. The Furore White Salt is a reminder of all these things. The things that make Furore one of the most treasured places in Italy.
Length closed: 146mm
Cap length: 66mm
Body length: 131mm (nib included)
Weight: 27g
Diameter cap: 15,5mm
Diameter grip section: 10,6mm
Available with a steel nib #6 in EF, F, M, B or 1.1 STUB with an ABS feed (made in Germany).
The Furore is offered with either gold or rhodium trim and is supplied with a screw converter with a custom metal capsule.