Furore Smeraldo (GOLD nib)

The Grotto dello Smeraldo was formed over millennia and for much of that time was only a mysterious legend. Discovered by a fisherman in 1932, the grotto gradually filled with seawater and when the sunlight filters through it, the turquoise waters are tinged with a magical emerald color that sends sparkling reflections onto the cave walls. We based the Furore Smeraldo on this unusual color found in this especially unusual place.
Length closed: 146mm
Cap length: 66mm
Body length: 131mm (nib included)
Weight: 27g
Diameter cap: 15,5mm
Diameter grip section: 10,6mm
Available with a gold nib #6 in EF, F, M, B or 1.1 STUB with an ABS feed (made in Germany).
The Furore is offered with either gold or rhodium trim and is supplied with a screw converter with a custom metal capsule.