Essenza Urushi Heki Tamenuri - SOLD OUT

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Available only on official website Leonardo, handmade, only 4 pieces in the world!
Essenza shape, piston filler huge capacity 1.5ml, gold trim
, NEW mold #6 gold nib, red japanese ebonite feed.

After purchasing the pen, send an email to and specify if you prefer the clip (or without) and which size you prefer: EF, F, M, B, BB, Stub1.4

Essenza the minimalist version body shape that was coated in multiple urushi layes by Teodor Oneata (PenTeo), a Romanian artist established in the Czech Republic, this time we opted for a no clip fountain pen (we offer clips only on demand.

We chose to work with Teo not only because of his talent and his pen making craftsmanship, but also his knowledge in applying the urushi coating. Our choice for the technique used on this model is Heki-Tamenuri, a beautiful composition that, just like water in a pond, at the fountain pens edges it reflects more light, revealing a lighter brown/red. 

The depth of the color and the quality of the lacquer finishing make this fountain pen one of our best accomplishments after nine months of work, so we chose a name to match it - Essenza - our passion and our drive to accomplish our goals, and make our dreams come true.

- body material: Ebonite, Urushi
- cap type: Screw-cap
- filling mechanism: Piston (1.5 ml) included the wrench for disassembling
- nib material: 14k Gold
- nib size: Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad, Double broad, Stub 1.4mm
- postable: Yes (not recommend)
- trim: Gold 
- length overall (closed): 150 mm.
- length overall (posted): -- mm.
- body length: 140 mm.
- cap length: 70 mm.
- body diameter: 17 mm.
- cap diameter (without clip): 17 mm.
- weight (overall): 45 grams.
- body weight: 35 grams.
- cap weight: 10 grams.

Shipped in 4 days.