Audace Flame ebonite - NAGAHARA nib SOLD OUT

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The “Audace” collection, proposed in a new shape that recalls the essential canons of vintage Italian pens. 

Leonardo website exclusive in special limited edition ebonite produced in Germany by New York Hamburger founded in 1871, and one of the oldest German companies.

Audace, the meaning of this word binds us and belongs to us, the meaning is linked to creativity and the courage to go outside the box while always maintaining an indissoluble bond with the roots of the land that hosts and inspires us, Italy.

We offer a personalized journey through the art of writing. *The true essence of this art is manifested in the special "Kodachi" Fine, Medium and Broad nibs, masterfully sculpted by master Yukio Nagahara. Heir to a tradition of excellence in nib manufacturing, master Nagahara has elevated the "La Fenice" nib to a symbol of refinement and precision.

Filling system: Integrated piston mechanism, produced in our workshops with the possibility of disassembly with our Wrench

Nibs available: In gold on Japanese ebonite feed, produced in our workshops.
It is possible to assemble both the 8mm size and the 6mm size.

• La Fenice Kodachi by Mr Nagahara*: F, M, B
• La Fenice 6mm gold nibs: EF, F, M, B, BB, Stub1.1
• Elastic nibs with engraved Leonardo logo: Extra fine or Fine

Closed length: 143mm
Cap length: 66mm
Barrel length including nib: 130mm
Maximum cap diameter: 17.2
Grip diameter: 12.8mm
Weight without ink: 39.7g