Momento magico DNA

The new Magico "DNA" is our proposal by combining together the classic Orange and Black resins. The naming "DNA" comes from our territory, from our roots: the incandescent Orange of the lava that covered our cities and the black of ours land, the dark land that surrounds us and welcomes us. Transparent gray window to check the level of ink present in the barrel, clip with washer in perfect vintage style and in this case the addition of the real central metal engraved with a three-dimensional pantograph depicts a completely new pattern: The curves recall the handles of Roman amphorae, the amphorae in ancient Rome contained water, wine, magic potions and precious liquids. Today our fountain pen contains magic, our magic liquid is the ink that becomes history, tale and our daily life. 

· Produced in black and orange resin
· Feed supply in ABS assembled with the steel nib 
· Feed supply in black ebonite assembled with the nib gold nibs
· Metal parts available in gold or palladium 

· Integrated piston filling, huge capacity 1.5ml and possibility of disassembly with our wrench (sold separately)

The Momento Magico DNA is available with gold or silver finish.

Steel nib
Ef, F, M, B, and Stub1, Fude, Architect, CSI based on B oro M ABS feed.
Elastic EF and F ABS feed

Filling system
The Momento Magico piston filler was designed and produced in our workshops and has a capacity of 1.5ml. The piston filler can be disassembled with our proprietary piston tool. The piston tool is sold separately in our accessories section and has been produced by us using the same 316L steel used in luxury watches.  

Length: 145mm
Body length: 132mm (nib included)
Cap length: 67mm
Pen weight inkless: 23.8g
Trasparent window lenght: 5mm
Diameter cap: 15,4mm
Diameter grip section: 10,9mm

Purchase the piston disassembly tool