Sogno di Venere (Venus dream) SOLD OUT

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Sogno di Venere 
Venus dream

stands out as a tribute to sensuality and charm, highlighting Italian luxury craftsmanship in writing instrument design. This masterpiece captures the essence of Venus, goddess of love and beauty, imprinting her aura in every refined detail and delicate curve.
The evocative design of "Sogno di Venere" intertwines the sweetness of pink with the whiteness of white, creating a chromatic duet that embodies the union of dream and reality, of emotional warmth and visual purity.

Pen Body:
Masterfully made of resin with delicate pink tones, combined with a pure white.

Steel nibs; plating in rose gold and rutherium, available in Extra Fine (EF), Fine (F), Medium (M), Broad (B), Stub 1.5 and Elastic Extra Fine or Elastic Fine variants.

Metallic Details:
The metal parts are available in sophisticated rose gold or ruthenium finishes, emphasizing the two-tone nature of the pen.

Filling system:
The transparent window on the pen body indicates the ink level. The integrated piston filling system has an ink capacity of 1.5 ml and is entirely produced in the Leonardo workshop.

Our piston system guarantees a capacity of 1.5ml. It is removable using our exclusive tool, available in the accessories section, made of superior quality 316L stainless steel.

"Sogno di Venere", with its ageless allure, goes beyond simply being a writing instrument; it is a tribute to the poetry of life, a symbol of distinction that enriches every moment dedicated to writing, giving it a unique touch of elegance.