Momento magico Galaxy Prime - GOLD nib

Galaxy prime by Jonathon Brooks, fresh and perfectly in line with the Leonardo philosophy, linking vintage design to new and fresh colors.
The Momento Magico Galaxy prime is available in ruthenium or silver finish both glossy finish. Only for this limited and special collection the band on the cap is engraved with the Leonardo logo (wings) and the writing "Leonardo" recalls the signature of Leonardo da Vinci, the genius of geniuses.

Gold nib
Ef, F, M, B, Stub1.1, Elastic F and Elastic EF

Filling system
The Momento Magico piston filler was designed and produced in our workshops and has a capacity of 1.5ml. The piston filler can be disassembled with our proprietary piston tool. The piston tool is sold separately in our accessories section and has been produced by us using the same 316L steel used in luxury watches.  

Length: 145mm
Body length: 132mm (nib included)
Cap length: 67mm
Pen weight inkless: 23.8g
Trasparent window lenght: 5mm
Diameter cap: 15,4mm
Diameter grip section: 10,9mm

Purchase the piston disassembly tool

About the XXXF:
Leonardo worked with Joshua Lax to produce an XXXF that provides an ultra-fine line without feeling scratchy. This is achieved through the shape of the nib and the care taken to finish the sides and edges of the nib. Each nib is ground and finished by hand, and tested to ensure that each nib has the proper line width and feel.

About the Maestro:
Joshua Lax is the proprietor of the J.J. Lax Pen Company, and specializes in nib grinds, modifications, and repairs. Since 2016, Joshua has worked with fountain pen collectors and other members of the public to provide the highest quality services for their pens. In addition, Joshua has worked with several pen brands and retail shops to produce specialty nibs.  In 2022, Joshua won the only nib-grinding competition in the history of the world, Nib Wars. Joshua is a founder and past-president of the Big Apple Pen Club in New York City, and recently founded the Pen Notes Project, to help educate members of the fountain pen community about vintage pens. Joshua learned nib work from the fountain pen expert and restorer Richard Binder.