Israel 75 CHAI - Celebration \ sleeve in solid gold 18ct - 750%.

Version Celebration sleeve in solid gold 18kt - 750, only 18 FP (numbered 01/18) with diamonds (on the top of cap the precious stones decorate the “Chai”)

The ins & outs of the: Leonardo Officina Italiana Israel 75 years “Chai”
There has gone in a lot of thought in the design of this pen. Every detail has been carefully chosen and has a connection with the state of Israel or Jewish life.
For us it was not about extravagance of the design, but in meaning.
More is not always better and sometimes simplicity is the best way to get a message across!

Colour: The colour of the pen could not be anything different than the blue and white, like the flag of Israel.
We chose a marbled design, because the blue and white are inseparable, just like the Jewish people and the state of Israel!

Chai means life in Hebrew.
Chai consists of 2 letters from the Hebrew alphabet (alphabet), namely the Chet and the Yod.
These letters also have a certain worth, numerology. The Chet = 8 and the Yod = 10. Together the make 18, which for many Jews mean luck.
There they say “Le Chaim”. To life!

The sleeve on the barrel: Over the body, that has been made from blue and white resin, is a special sleeve, which is made in bronze (rhodium plated), silver or solid gold 18kt, depending on which edition.
The sleeve shows the star of David with in the center the Chai or the number 75.
The dates 1948-2023 (Roman/Latin calendar) and 5708-5783 (Hebrew calendar).
The text “Israel 75 year statehood” both in English and Hebrew.

Star of David: Hebrew Magen David (“Shield of David”)
Its shape is that of a hexagram. This Jewish symbol composed of two overlaid equilateral triangles that form a six-pointed star. It appears on synagogues, Jewish tombstones, and the flag of the State of Israel.

We at Leonardo Officina Italiana made this Israel 75 years “Chai” with love and passion and hope it will give you joy for life.