Essenza Raden and Ishime urushi - #8 Gold nib SOLD OUT

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In this fountain pen, inspired by the Essenza model, Japanese ebonite takes shape under the skilled hands of a master turner, transforming into a true work of art. Devoid of metal parts, it boasts a #8 gold nib, delicately assembled on a black ebonite feeder, embodying elegance and tradition.

Pen Teo, under the visionary guidance of Teodor, merges centuries-old artisan techniques with noble materials. The combination of Raden and Ishime urushi techniques creates a design that captures light with mother-of-pearl flakes and offers a unique tactile experience, akin to stone.

More than a writing instrument, it is an emblem of art and craftsmanship, exclusively available on the official store of Leonardo Officina Italiana. Customizable with a #8 gold nib and a 1.5 ml piston filling mechanism, this fountain pen is a tribute to artisanal mastery.

Available only on the official Leonardo website.
Gold Nibs available in size #8, specify by email ( the size of the nib you prefer: EF, F, M, B, Stub1.1, elastic EF or elastic F

• Integrated piston filler huge capacity, 1,5ml produced in our workshop
• Possibility of disassembling the piston mechanism with our wrench (sold separately)
• Feed in black Japanese ebonite (produced in our workshops)

This pen will be your daily travel companion, designed and produced in Italy using only Italian materials. A functional container of emotions that writes and tells a story emphasized by the colors of our time. Leonardo officina Italiana® is the brand created by Mariafrancesca and Salvatore Matrone and celebrates the style and personality of those who use their writing instrument.

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